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One of the things that can surprise people about Churches of Christ is our variety. Each community has its own style and emphasis.  This means that among our family of churches there is a place for everyone.

A major reason for this is the autonomy of the local church.  Churches of Christ is a cooperative association of  local churches, not an organisation imposing its agenda on local churches.  We join in association at state, national and international levels to enable us to do together, that which we would find difficult or impossible to do separately.  Aged care, indigenous ministry and overseas mission are examples of this.

You will find us in every state and territory of  Australia, and in over 180 countries worldwide.

Our churches have contributed to Australian society for over 150 years.  Our members come from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds.  In our churches you will find people with trades and professional backgrounds, farmers, people in service industries and those in our state and national parliaments.

 Each church sets its own vision and goals, and is therefore able to adapt to the needs and opportunities which its surrounding community affords.  For example, in areas with a lot of social need, churches reach out with op shops, food banks and soup kitchens.  In areas with many children or youth, family support, youth groups and kid’s clubs are run.

Because churches govern themselves locally, things such as worship and governance range in style.  Each church determines what best suits its needs, allowing it to get on with mission.

We are part of a family of churches known as the Restoration Movement, whose beginnings arose out of a desire for the unity of Christ’s body, the church, centred on a call to return to (restore) the basics of New Testament Christianity.  We hold the Bible as the record of God’s revelation of himself to people throughout history.  A record that we believe God still speaks through today.

We hold to the belief that Jesus Christ, God, came as a human, one of us.  By his sacrificial death, he offers us freedom from the tangle of human wrongdoing and death.  All who believe and commit themselves to follow Jesus can have a relationship with God, which culminates in eternal life.  All Christians have a role to play in the wider body of Christ, as the Holy Spirit equips them for their ministry among other believers and the wider community.

There is a place for everyone.

Why not join us!

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