Our Pastor

Pastor Steven Martin


When he was 19 years old Steven met Jesus and was baptized soon after at Penrith Church of Christ. Steven says “At the time I certainly wasn’t looking for Jesus, I had too much going on in my life, most of it going badly wrong”.

At university that Steven was befriended by a group of people some of whom he discovered were Christians. “I used to openly mock them for their faith, I didn’t understand it but all they did was love me”. And love him they did through some good times but mostly bad, they kept loving him and through their example they showed him what it was like to live like Jesus.

“Their example of faith in action was key for me being able to see the reality of God in our world.”


It was at Penrith Church of Christ where Steven met his future wife Sally. “Relationships can be a tricky thing, sometimes the heart runs far ahead and gets hurt but I knew from very early on that Sally would be the woman I would marry, I loved her heart, I loved how she viewed life with such joy and I loved how she showed Jesus in how she treated others”.

Steven and Sally have been married since 2004 and since then have created one daughter who is full of mischief with a beautiful smile and a baby boy full of joy.


1997-2001 Bachelor of Applied Science, Computing (Disc).

2002-2009 Bachelor of Theology


Steven has had a distinguished career in secular employment working for 3 US Fortune 500 companies in software development and management roles. He has also headed departments for some of Australia’s most recognised financial institutions running multi-million dollar projects. He has founded 2 sucessful I.T. companies and has been a pastor and elder in three churches where he has established God focused preaching and pastoral ministries.