The Sunday Extra


The Sunday Extra is an extension of our Sunday morning teaching. During the week Pastor Steven will be writing a short re-cap of the message along with a few follow up actions that might be beneficial to your spiritual growth and development.

This is the first post of the blog for the New Year so I reflect on the year that is ahead and how we as Christians can best approach it.

This is the time of year we where we celebrate change and transition. We say the old things are gone and something new has come in its place. It’s a time that we make resolutions, which at their core are promises we make to ourselves to make life better.

Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, from buying flowers for your wife once a week to quitting smoking.

What ever you hope to achieve in this New Year I say to you: the best way to begin 2016 is to develop GOOD spiritual habits.

According to research, it takes 66 days to form a habit. As you work to trust God more this year, what spiritual disciplines will you try to make stick?

There are some obvious ones like: reading your bible and praying everyday.

Don’t discount them.

Anyone who has gone on a Netflix binge knows that if you watch a T.V. show for 6 hours straight you will start dreaming about that T.V. show when you go to bed. This is a powerful notion, what you put into your brain stays there, it percolates and guides your thoughts.

How much better is it to read your bible every day? To binge on the Word of God. To put that into your brain and let that sink into your soul?

Some other spiritual habbits that have a real impact on our lives are:

  • Inviting others to church
  • Taking time to serve others in ministry
  • Making relationships with new people, maybe taking up a hobby
  • Tithing, putting a proper perspective on your money
  • Fasting, maybe not from food; maybe Facebook or T.V. and using that time to grow your relationship with God.

I don’t know that the best spiritual habit is for your to develop this year but I do know your year will be all the better for it.

Be greatly blessed,
Pastor Steven.


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